Research has consistently shown the importance of great ad creative in getting a visitor to see and remember a brand. What’s less well known is the scientific consensus based on studies that a second key factor is the amount of time a visitor spend actively looking at the page when the ad is in view. Someone looking at the page for 20 seconds while an ad is there is 20-30% more likely to recall that ad afterwards.

So, for banner ads to be effective the answer is simple. You have to create great creative and then get it in front of a person’s face for a long enough period for them to truly see it.


  • Your ad will stay at same location as long as you want
    (if available, we can move your ad to a better location)
  • we publish all your news and promotions with no extra cost
  • introduce your business to new markets
  • A readership of 1,500 plus daily readers and growing
  • no limits to your potential markets; our reach is global
  • Direct links to your website, Facebook page or wherever you want to send customers!
  • Free social marketing support via our website’s networks for the duration of your placement


Here are some of the options we offer for businesses. If you want something special that is not written here, contact us and we will do our best.

Website Banners:

Every visitor to views your banner. Your banner is not only shown at the frontpage but also with content that captures visibility of the largest possible number of visitors. Your banner’s location is not rotating, so that visitors of our site will have enough time to truly see it.

Your Banner Ad will be linked to your website or any link that you provide with us.

E-Newsletter Banners:

Every subscriber receives a daily e-newsletter every week day.

You will receive a detailed report of click through statistics of your banner every 6-months.

Press Release Distribution

Phil Kangotanda publishes your latest promotions, deals, offers and product news with an image and drives traffic to your site. Moreover, your news will be findable by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!). Additionally, you can share your message in social media via our embedded social media toolbar.

E-mail Blast

Blasting your latest promotions, deals, offers and product news to a highly targeted audience via e-mail to over 110,000 industry subscribers.

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