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Entitled White Male monologue.

Entitled White Male Monologue. 

Excerpt from Pool Of Unknown Wonders.


Transition --

     Karaoke Night. Clapping, hooting.

     Gorkys lip-syncs/sings, Hound Dog, by

     Elvis Presley.

     [Gorkys has great Las Vegas Elvis

      moves – [KF]]

You ain't nothin' but a hound dog
Cryin' all the time
You ain't nothin' but a hound dog
Cryin' all the time
Well, you ain't never caught a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine

Well they said you was high-classed
Well, that was just a lie
Yeah they said you was high-classed
Well, that was just a lie
Well, you ain't never caught a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine!

      Big Finish.  Applause, Gorkys taking his bows.  A WOMAN storms the stage --

Woman:  As a woman and a co-worker I find it extremely disappointing that you would choose to sing that song.  It’s very offensive.

Gorkys:  Hound Dog?  Elvis Presley?

Co-worker:  It’s about a woman.  It’s equating women to dogs.

Gorkys:  It’s a song about a dog.

Co-worker:  ‘Crying all the time’ – the over-used female hysteria meme?

Gorkys:  What?

Co-worker: Dog as a metaphor for woman.  

Gorkys:  No.  Dog – Is - A - Dog.  Period.  A hound dog to be more specific.

Co-worker:  It’s a Me – Ta - Phor, exclamation point, you idiot!

Gorkys:  No, it isn’t, you bitch, sometimes a dog is just a dog.

Co-worker:  (incensed)  You entitled, white male --

Gorkys:  Bingo! Entitled, White, Male

Transition - Gorkys isolated.

Gorkys:  One day I found myself on a stretch of bone white, sandy beach.  So white, so pure, it stretched out before me, a magnificent, glistening ivory sheet. And on it.  And on it lay a beautiful woman.  No, a perfect woman.  A perfect woman, on this perfect beach.  She leaned forward on her perfect elbow and beckoned to me.   And I felt...  I felt nothing.  Nothing.  Absolute and to the bowels of my being.  Nothing. 

I did not move.  The sun went down.  The woman left.  I was alone in silence huddled beneath a blackened sky.

Then something quite ordinary and yet wondrous happened.  The stars began to appear. Like any other night.  One by one, in clusters and in random disarray.  But this night, this night I could see them.  I saw them.  They were not just stars.  No, no, they were messages, communications from afar.  Bottles of light tossed into the infinity of space waiting for someone to hear their voices.  And I could hear them.  Yes, me, I could hear them.  And they were such sad voices.  Of beauty, beauty defiled.  Passion, fires of life forced into cold suffocation.  Betrayal profound and eternal.  A voice crying, 'What once was, was now no more!  What once breathed luminous and vital now lay suffocating and in decay!  What once existed is becoming extinct'...

My God, extinct.  Gone.  These proud voices might already be dust and their incandescence showering me an echo of their pain, a plaintive vibration of their now dead song.  But I heard.  I understood their message:  Resist. Better to live as bright and true holding onto one's light.  Then, even in death one shines for eternity.  A beacon of truth for others to follow.  Something is coming.  A holocaust of immense and frightening proportions.  It must all come down.  End.  All the injustice, decadent and elitist history.  Then we can start over.  Bright.  Shiny. Clean.  

You’re wondering, ‘Is he really going where I think he is going?’ It’s because you’re afraid to speak it out loud.  I understand.  Your Fear.  Your Shame.  Yes, shame. 

I will speak it for you.  And no, I am not an extremist.  Quite the contrary, I’m a normal, everyday kind of guy – your best friend’s brother, your uncle, your co-worker.

I don’t like liberals – self-righteously naive.  Don’t like two-faced democrats – say one thing to your face, do the exact opposite. I don’t like too monied, stick to themselves robotic Asians who destroy the class curve. I don’t like gimme, gimme Blacks with victimization and entitlement mentalities, I don’t like illegal Brown trespassing criminals, I don’t like uppity Lesbians, Feminists and their over-reaching gill net ‘Me too, Movement’, Gays, Jews – yes, there is a Zionist conspiracy, Middle Easterners and Muslims – they’ll cut off our heads while we sleep and that’s literally not figuratively.

This is not personal. I have friends who fit these categories I like and respect. I’m talking something deeper, more insidious, about how it’s seeped into our institutions – education, governance, laws, judiciary – and infected every aspect of our lives to the point we are so brainwashed we can no longer objectively see what’s right in front of our noses. 

Look.  Look at me.  Can you really see me?  With unbiased eyes?  Look, look - do you see a young All American guy wanting all the same things that any young American person wants from this country?

Admit it.  You see instead an Angry. White. Male.  A privileged, entitled, Angry, White Male and all that means. And no matter what I do, what I say, that is what you see. I might as well be wearing a white hood, carrying a tiki torch and shouting racial epithets in your face.  And let me tell you it hurts.  It really hurts that you have such an unfair, prejudiced notion about me.

I was raised to believe one should stand up and fight to make things fair for everyone.  But I don’t think what’s happening is what folks had in mind, to go so far overboard in the opposite direction it blatantly marginalizes, no, punishes groups because of, yes, the color of their skin and who in their lifetimes have done nothing to any group to earn this scorn.  It’s like if you’re white and a male, you have to walk 5 paces behind a person of color and never look them directly in the eye and continuously apologize for EVERYTHING! 


Gorkys:  ***‘Blackness is being.  Whiteness is nothingness’.   I say, ‘No more’.  I will speak truth to power.  ‘Not liking’?  What you have made me know and understand is something much stronger, much more profound. Hate.

I Hate.

         Looking around.

Gorkys:  Nothing happened. Wasn’t struck down by Thor’s PC Thunderbolt.  Why?  Because there really is nothing wrong with thinking that.  Believing that.  Speaking that.

It is all coming down.  It has to, it will, it must.  The end of history.  In one big explosion.

Clutches his carrier.

Gorkys:  Boom.

[for more read the play ]

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